Sweets & Snacks 2014



Sweets and Snacks 2014

This is the show of the year. The show that if you could only attend one show a year, this would it be it.  We just returned and finally caught up on our sleep (the early mornings, late evenings, and prep work was worth it), and this years show did not disappoint!

We typically go for the corner booth (this year we were in booth #2093, next year #2116). The corner booth allows the maximum exposure for a 10 x 10 because you are visible from two aisles…

It was great to see the same exhibitors we’ve met in previous years, to sample their new product lines and share stories.

It was great to see new exhibitors (there’s no way to see EVERY exhibitor…there are soooo many)

It was fantastic to see our current customers and meet potential new ones. It’s always great to get feedback from existing customers on how their business is doing, and what they would like to see from us in the upcoming months. Talking strategy is always important, and we want to thank all of those who came out to support us throughout the week.

Efficiency is key, and it was good to also meet some vendors we could use in the upcoming months for packaging, printing, etc.

We look forward to going again next year, and hopefully we will see you there – 2015 Chi-town!

Thanks again for all of those who stopped by our booth, if for nothing else but to say hello…

Always Nutty,

Nut Boy


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